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Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement applies to the New Fund for Cinema and Television’s (NFCT) website.

We at the NFCT strive to provide the general public browsing through our website the most accessible content as possible, regardless of the technology used to create this website.

We update and implement our accessibility tools on a regular basis, in accordance with the standard accessibility rules. Our website is compliant with level 2 (AA) of the WCAG accessibility regulations. Accessibility in this website is compliant with all major browsers.

The website is accessible through UA USER ACCESSIBILITY and supports the leading technologies available in this field.

Our accessibility menu offers a wide range of possibilities. To learn more about how to use it please press F1 on your keyboard and the add-on’s users guide will appear.

Due to certain conditions beyond our control, we might not always be able to provide accessible information or in some cases, certain elements on the website have not been made accessible yet. We monitor these events, in order to find the correct technical solutions for them.

If you struggle to access any information or with some functionalities of our website, please contact us via this form or contact our office manager and accessibility officer by email:

If you encounter any accessibility or other problems browsing through our website, we would welcome any information you can provide and/or suggestions for improvement and/or an email reporting said problems, to the abovementioned email address.

In order to be able to properly address the problem, we recommend that you provide us in your email with the full details of the problem you’ve encountered, including:

  1. A description of the problem.
  2. What was the action you were trying to perform?
  3. What page were you on?
  4. The browser you used and its version.
  5. Your operating system software.
  6. The assistive technology you were using (if relevant).

There are no reception hours at the NFCT offices in general. For an accessible physical meeting at our offices, please contact us at:

Last Updated on: May 29th, 2023.

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