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Information for Foreign Producers

It is worthwhile for you to invest in cinema and television productions in Israel for several reasons:

1. There are talented and original filmmakers in Israel, whose films are received positively around the world.

2. Israel has a developed infrastructure of production companies, studios and media, among the most sophisticated in the world.

3. Israel has diverse and unique sites for filming, within a relatively small geographical area.

4. Israel has detailed regulations that require broadcast agencies to invest in cinema and television productions, which creates many sources of funding for the cinema and television industry.

5. The State of Israel supports the cinema industry with 80 million ILS annually, most of which is allocated to the film and television industry through the film funds, including the NFCT.

6. Israel grants foreign investors tax benefits, as defined by law.

7. Israel is a signatory on co-production treaties with many other countries, which makes it possible for the Israeli film funds to support co-productions that comply with the provisions of the relevant treaties.

To date, Israel has co-production treaties with the following countries:

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