Mission and Core Principles

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Mission and Core Principles


The NFCT is committed to supporting emerging and experienced filmmakers from across Israel. We facilitate the development and production of documentary and narrative films, while giving maximum expression to the multicultural nature of Israeli society and promoting creative and innovative filmmaking. We initiate programs and special funding tracks so as to enrich the film industry in Israel and expand the boundaries of filmmaking. We believe in the enormous power of cinema to raise awareness and engage audiences, and we seek to support films with the potential to educate and inspire social change.

Core Principles

Striving for excellence 

We focus on identifying projects with great social, cultural or historical significance and value. We seek films with a cutting edge artistic approach and innovative quality that use compelling cinematic language and are made from an original point of view by talented filmmakers.

Spearheading new initiatives

We initiate special funding tracks targeting specific issues or filmmakers (such as Russian immigrants, the Israeli Palestinian community, women, the Haredi community, the Ethiopian community and many more) so as to enrich and expand the cultural landscape in Israel. We take risks, often supporting courageous and trail-blazing projects from their inception, before any other backers are on board.

Supporting Filmmakers

We are committed to providing multifaceted support to diverse filmmakers in Israel, and to providing a friendly professional environment. In addition to funding, we also provide filmmakers with professional, artistic and production guidance, training workshops, connections to potential investors in Israel and abroad, and support with fundraising, distribution and marketing.

Embracing Diversity

We place great emphasis on supporting a diverse range of projects that document and portray Israel in all its complexity.

Inspiring Social Change and Education through Cinema

We support films and projects with the potential to educate and engage audiences and raise awareness of different social and contemporary issues.

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